2021 Gold Rush Gravel Grinder | Spearfish

Gold Rush Gravel Grinder

Gold Rush Gravel Grinder
Date Jun 12, 2021
Distance Gravel Grinder, 70mi, 110mi, 210mi
Course Type Gravel


Ride Information

Join us for the Annual Gold Rush Gravel Grinder.  We  will provide you with one of the most beautiful gravel courses you will ever encounter. The course is a very scenic route through the hills, with flowing creeks and flowers galore! It’s a very challenging ride with a lot of steady climbing on mostly gravel roads.

It’s a remote race, so you’ll be out there on your own for hours at a time. It’s semi-supported, so you’ll have a few places where you can get water, or maybe some raw potatoes, but you’ll also need to carry much of your own gear. It’s a race if you’re into racing, or just a ride if you want to get out and challenge yourself for the day. It ends with a party and plenty of food, as many Crow Peak brews as you can drink, great stories, new and old friends, and a few prizes if you’re lucky. It’s a gravel grinder, that we put on for you, to give you a glimpse of some of the beautiful and unique riding in the area.


Mother Lode: 210 mile adventure

Gold Rush: 110 miles

Gold Dust:  70 miles

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