2025 Black Fork Gravel Grinder | Glenmont

Black Fork Gravel Grinder

Black Fork Gravel Grinder
Date May 2025 (TBD)
Distance Gravel Grinder, 23mi, 30mi, 54mi
Course Type Gravel

Ride Information

For the first time the Black Fork is a Race!  We've got three great routes offered to challenge riders of all abilities. There's a 23 and 30 mile ride and our signature 54 mile race.  All three are on some of Ohio's toughest, gnarliest and most bad-ass gravel roads.  Each route is unique and offers varying degrees of difficulty and fantastic scenery.  The routes span three counties (Ashland, Holmes and Knox) and traverse some of the same roads as the legendary Mohican 100 National Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Race.  Along the ride you will see scenic farms, historic cabins, abundant wildlife and meandering waterways. 

Approximately 80% of the routes will be on gravel with the remaining on rural asphalt roads.  The condition of the gravel depends greatly on the weather and which road you’re on.  You will likely encounter sections as smooth as silk, soft and mushy and others that are as rocky as a mountain bike trail.   The few short sections of pavement are a nice break and are generally more rolling and flatter in character. 


This is a challenging event and you can count on lots of climbing.  However, the long climbs lead to some pretty amazing downhills.  We dare you to lay off your breaks!  To keep you on the right route, we will include a directional sign at each road crossing and you will receive a route map when you check in on event day. 

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