2024 Black Fly Challenge | Inlet

Black Fly Challenge

Black Fly Challenge
Date Jun 8, 2024
Distance Gravel Grinder, 40mi
Course Type Gravel


Ride Information

Indian Lake to Inlet: approx 40.5 mi (on odd years, 2017-19-21)
From Byron Park, elevation 1700’, the course heads north on Rt 28 and left onto Cedar River Road. A few miles after the pavement ends the race enters the Moose River Recreation Area through the Cedar River Gate then rolls up, down and around several mountains before descending to a relatively long flat stretch along the Moose River (the Plains). Turning right at Otter Brook Road the course climbs past Mt Tom and descends again to Red River. Another right turn begins the gradual ascent of the saddle between Fawn Lake Mt and Seventh Lake Mt. The race exits the Moose River Recreation Area at the Limekiln Gate, turns right and climbs over Limekiln Hill. On the descent, the course turns off the road at the Ole Barn and follows singletrack trails for another mile to Inlet’s Fern Park.

Inlet to Indian Lake: approx. 38.5 mi (even years, 2016-18-20)
From Arrowhead Park, at elevation 1722’ the race heads east on Route 28, then south on Limekiln Road and into the Moose River Recreation Area. On unpaved mountain roads the course climbs 500’ in the first five miles. The race then rolls through 100’- 200’ elevation changes for the next five miles and after a few miles on the relatively flat Moose River Plains, begins a steady 800’ climb toward Wakely Mountain. This is followed by 100’-300’ elevation changes down to Cedar River Road, then to Routes 28/30, and finally ending at the Indian Lake School in downtown Indian Lake, elevation 1700’.

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