2024 Passport to Pain | Vashon

Passport to Pain

Passport to Pain
Date Sep 14, 2024
Distance Gran Fondo, 80mi
Course Type Road

Ride Information

P2P started in the spring of 2011 with a test ride of 12 riders, "just to see if it would work". Unfortunately it did.

Most of us were competitive rowers who rode bikes hard on the Vashon hills for off-season training so that we could push harder when we got back in the boats and rowed. So we thought, What if we strung all those hills together into one epic circuit of our Island? What if everyone carried a passport to be stamped at the top of the worst hills to prove they got there?

The first official P2P in September 2011 had only 53 riders, and half of those were rowers (known for their troubling relationship with pain), and despite a paucity of food and water on the course that year, most of us wobbled home several hours later with a full passport. What a hoot! We all wanted more. We even made a few bucks for the Junior rowing program. Our fundraiser was born.

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