2024 The Best of Both - Road and Mountain Bike | Bend

The Best of Both - Road and Mountain Bike

The Best of Both - Road and Mountain Bike
Date Jun 2024 (TBD)
Distance Gran Fondo, Gravel Grinder, 85mi
Course Type Gravel

Ride Information

For many, it’s already a tradition. Since the debut in the summer of 2018, the best of both dual-discipline bike race has brought a community of biker riders and racers together from across the nation to test their fitness, endurance, and desire, on some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in North America. The Best of Both course splits down to 62-road miles, and 23-off-road miles, combining a little under 6,000 feet of ascent. Riders may switch from a road bike to a trail-friendly bike at the transition point, or take down the entire 85-miles on one bike in our “single-steed” category.

The ride starts on the road. The course navigates a loop around the ever-present panorama of the snow-capped Cascade mountains, ebbing and flowing, climbing and descending on fortified high altitude pavement and gritty, chip sealed rural forestry grades. Riders wind up through the network of lakes and dense steeple-pine forestry, entering the cascade lakes highway, and summiting Mount Bachelor on its highest paved surface at 6,400 feet. Our single-track course combines fast-flowing "bermed-out" trails, rock gardens, and swoopy tunnels of pine that go with and against gravity. The course environment evolves with each passing mile, with a climb back to Wanoga and the finish arch.

Central Oregon offers some of the most eco-diverse terrains in the nation, and this course, both on the road and off, continually showcases the unrivaled natural beauty that Bend is known for. Our open men and women's solo races put the most ambitious riders onto the road at 9 am, followed by the Single-Steeder’s, the Master's Men and Women, the Team Relay, and Doubles riders. For those who don't care to race, consider our "challenge ride," a full course, Fondo-style event with feed stations, and mechanical support. Take in the wonder of the region with your head up and your crew.

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