2023 The Hammer Road Rally | Clovis

The Hammer Road Rally

The Hammer Road Rally
Date Oct 14, 2023
Distance Gran Fondo, 33mi, 76mi, 102mi
Course Type Road

Ride Information

The Hammer was born from the love of adventure on the bicycle through the life of Edward O. Lund who left this world with the inspiration to create an event that epitomized the characteristically adventurous rides he so enjoyed.

ROAD RALLY: The Micro-Stage Race

Imagine a multi-stage road race crammed into one day. Enter the "Road Rally"--the perfect mix of competition and camaraderie. We score specific "segments" through a single day, but not the entire route from start to finish. Competing on segments is optional. The best cumulative times across all segments for the day are deemed the winners. Individual and combined segments are awarded. Your times are recorded with your personal, approved GPS device. You are required to have a Strava account in order to participate in the road rally competition. Your GPS data will be uploaded at the finish.

Easy Route

The easy route is accessible to participants that might consider the longer options too challenging for their current fitness level, or perhaps just want to ride a shorter distance and make it back to the post-ride festivities a little sooner. Look for about an hour and a half to two hours on the bike.

20 Easy Miles
No Timed Segments

Classic Route

The road route is designed to bring you around some beautiful, relatively lightly traveled roads while keeping the elevation and length manageable.

50 Moderate Miles
2 Timed Segments

The Hammer

This route is going to take your ride to the limit with rugged roads through the Sierra National Forest. You’ll vanish into a remote part of California with seldom a car, and emerge with new respect for the roads that flank California’s most famous mountain range.

95 Serious Miles
3 Timed Segments

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