2024 Cowichan Crusher | Lake Cowichan

Cowichan Crusher

Cowichan Crusher
Date May 2024 (TBD)
Distance Gran Fondo, Gravel Grinder, 25k, 55k, 100k
Course Type Gravel

Ride Information

Cowichan Crusher Gravel Fondo  (It’s The Oldest Gravel Fondo on Vancouver Island)

After Successfully running the Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo for a few years in the Okanagon (FYI it’s the Oldest Gravel Fondo is Western Canada! ) we were looking at adding another Gravel Fondo to create a  series and Vancouver Island seemed the logical choice when we saw the amazing opportunities of Gravel in the Cowichan Valley. We then proceeded to put it on. We ran the first few years just Outside of Duncan in the Glenora area but decided to move it up to Lake Cowichan as it is much better with less traffic and has a great er opportunities for amazing scenery and awesome terrain and routes. 

We also have Individual and team competitions and their results are based upon combined times.

We try to have at least 75% minimum or more of the event take place on Gravel roads or trails.

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