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Who are we?

At FindAFondo our mission is simple; we want to help Cyclists do what they love to do best (cycle!) by providing a directory of cycling events, clubs, and races in states / provinces across North America.

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Looking for a race? Our race calendar lists upcoming cycling races and events in your area. Sort by month, or, if you have a specific distance in mind, use our distance filter to display select distances only.

We're always updating our calendar so if you see something missing, or think that some information should be updated send us a message and let us know!

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Connect with other like minded Cyclists in your city with our list of local cycling clubs. Browse our club listings, learn about the Cycling clubs in the area, and find the perfect club to help you reach your goals!

We want to keep our list of Cycling clubs as up to date as possible so if you're a cycling club and want to be listed on FindAFondo get in touch we'd love to talk to you!